Visual Rating – Ladies with Headscarves (Individual)

 Visual Rating - Ladies with Headscarves (Individual)

Answer either Agree or Disagree

1. My hair cannot be seen.
2. My headscarf is neat and looks professional.
3. My headscarf doesn’t have a lot of bling-blings or other ornaments
4. My headscarf matches with my dress.
5. My neck is not visible.
6. I have a limit of 1-2 brooches only
7. My headscarf is not see-through
8. My face is clean and free from oil.
9. I have light makeup on.
10. I have powder or foundation on.
11. I have eyeliner on.
12. I wear eyeshadow.
13. I wear blusher.
14. I wear lipstick.
15. I cannot see pimples that are about to pop.
16. My eyes are bright and clear.
17. I don't have cracked lips
18. I have clean, white teeth.
19. I don't have any food stuck between my teeth.
20. I have nice perfume / cologne on me