Communicating with Tact

The ability to communicate with tact and diplomacy isn’t a gift that some are born with and the rest of us lack. It’s a skill that can be learned and mastered, just like any other skill.

In this training, participants will learn how to use language so that it will be better received in conversations and in writing. Special emphasis is placed on learning to say "no" in ways that reduce conflict and eliminating phrases such as "that's not my job" and "I don't know."


Different Folks, Different Strokes

Participants learn to identify their own behavioral styles and those of their coworkers and clients in order to adjust for better communication.

This program is beneficial for all who wish to get along better with different kinds of people.


Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people is something many people face as part of their everyday work life. The stress of handling difficult people and tough situations can create a lack of productivity, poor attitude, and reluctance to come to work.

Through hands-on activities and practice exercises, participants will learn how to deal with all sorts of troublesome people and situations.


Communicating with NLP

Recent studies indicate that failure in the business environment, at both a personal and organizational level, is principally associated with ineffective communication and relational skills. In other words, the more effectively we can communicate with others, the more rewarding the experience.

This NLP training is designed to educate participants in the significant patterns of influential language and behavior and to elicit competency in applying the learned patterns.

The experiential exercises in this training will facilitate immediate effectiveness in leadership and communication skills.


Winning with Negotiation

You negotiate every day.  It may be with customers, vendors, colleagues, your boss or employees. In successful negotiations, the needs of all parties are met. 

Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative or agreeing on who will take on specific tasks or assignments, negotiation is inevitably at the heart of the process.

This hands-on session offers you a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation. You will begin to master the skills you need to become a win-win negotiator.


Mindset Change Training

In today’s workplace, change is constant. The most recent research indicates that we are wired to be resilient enough to deal with the delicate balance between stability and change. So why do so many people seem to struggle with and resist change?

This workshop helps you to understand how your mindset can shape your experience – how you can take control by first changing your mindset, thereby building your resilience and ability to thrive through change or whatever life brings your way.