Personal Branding – YOU™

No matter where you are on the corporate ladder – starting out, a rising star or an established leader – Personal Branding is absolutely vital to your success.

  1. Building a recognizable personal brand opens professional opportunities. If you’re looking for a better job, you want your potential boss at your ideal company to associate your personal brand with something that he needs on his team.
  2. If you’re looking to grow the sales for a company, you want potential clients to associate your personal brand with a feeling of trust and long-term success.
  3. By investing in your personal brand, you are able to do more, with less…..and succeed beyond your wildest dreams!
  4. Our 1-on-1 Personal Branding programme is a comprehensive and experiential workshop which focuses on your personal aspirations, unique traits and strength to bring out the best in you!

Workshop Highlights :

• What is ‘Brand Me Packaging’
• Looking Into ‘YOU™’ signature style with your brand values
• Your Visual Branding – To Be Seen
• Your Auditory BrandImage – To Be Heard
• Your Kinaesthetic Branding – To Be Experienced
• Roadmap to success

Programme for Brand Ambassadors

Your Personal Colour Analysis

Do you know your colours? The one that lights up your face and makes you look gorgeously vibrant and healthy?

Your Personal Colour Analysis will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to look fabulous – effortlessly, every single day. By looking at the way your skin tone, eye and hair colour work together we will show you the range of colours that complement your unique colouring and ways in which you can wear them. You will learn how to bring the colours from your personal palette into your wardrobe and find out which ones really give you the WOW factor.

Our consultant will demonstrate :

  • Why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others
  • The make-up shades that suit you naturally and how to achieve the look you want both at work and play
  • How best to wear the colours you already have
  • How to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations without having to buy more clothes

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll look fresher, younger, with a naturally radiant glow.
  • You’ll feel more confident, alive to new possibilities.
  • Getting dressed in the morning becomes quick and easy.
  • You will never waste money buying clothes you will never wear.

Duration: Half day

Your Personal Style Analysis

Have you ever stood in front of your packed wardrobe thinking “I’ve nothing to wear”? Do you waste countless hours shopping for clothes, worrying that the latest fashion isn’t really… you?

In just one stress-free, enjoyable day, we can stop you feeling lost and confused about your wardrobe. You’ll leave with the confident, life-changing ability to know exactly which clothes make you look fabulous!

Our consultants will guide you on how to:

  1. Select the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape
  2. Achieve a perfect fit every time when buying clothes
  3. Develop a coordinated wardrobe
  4. Dress with confidence, whatever the occasion
  5. Reduce time and frustration looking for the perfect outfit
  6. Select the appropriate accessories.
  7. Express your personality through your wardrobe

Duration: 1 day – 1 ½ days

Your Private Make-Up Lessons

Are you tired of doing the same makeup look every day? Or feel like your look is outdated? Or, maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to start?

Learn how to look gorgeous and flawless with a personal make-up lesson. Discover how to enhance  your face shape and features quickly and confidently. This is a fantastic fun way to breathe new life into your look.

In this lesson you will learn how to apply your make-up quickly, effectively and in the right colours to suit your natural colouring and personality.

You will learn:

  • A fast and simple make-up routine
  • Make-up colours that suit you naturally
  • Application tips for a long-lasting look
  • Make-up advice for your special occasions
  • Discover tricks for turning daytime makeup into evening glam
  • Make-over your makeup bag

Duration: 1 day

Your Personal Shopping Experience

Have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Always gravitating towards black & grey? We can help!

This personal shopping experience will:

  1. Introduce you to an entirely new way to shop, including new styles and colours to suit your body shape and personal style.
  2. Save you time and money.
  3. Save money by never buying something that doesn’t suit you
  4. Create a wardrobe of clothes that you wear and love that make you feel good
  5. Learn how to go shopping with confidence
  6. Learn strategic tips for future shopping trips

Duration: Minimum 4 hours