Wendy Lee, is a highly sought-after BrandImage Consultant, international speaker, master trainer and prolific author.  For the past 18 years, she has dedicated her life to helping thousands of corporate executives define and refine their BrandImage through appearance, behaviour and communication.

Wendy is a board member of Virtual Speaker Association International, and also serves as the Associate Editor of AICI (Association of Image Consultant International) Global Magazine.

Wendy hopes to bring more awareness in the areas of Appearance, Behaviour and Communication that will bring out your Best Personal Brand! So, if you have any burning questions, write away to: wendy@chap-one.com 



Dear Miss Behave,

I bumped into an old friend recently, and she miraculously looked at least 5 years younger! It was plain obvious that she has had plastic surgery done on her face. Am I supposed to compliment her? Or pretend she hasn’t had any work done?

Fr:  Shelly Tan

Dear Shelly,

I would assume that if you have paid an obscene amount of money to look fabulous, the last thing you’d want is to have someone pinching your cheeks and ask, “Nipped and tucked darlin’? Botox?” So, even if it’s glaringly evident that someone has had plastic surgery done, just play along and say, “You look fantastic, my dear!”

And if you are really itching to satisfy your curiosity, then say, “Really, you look amazing! Care to share the secret?” So if then your friend feels like revealing anything at all, she can do so without feeling humiliated. However, if she just shrugs and say, “I have been eating well, and getting more sleep.” Then just smile and say, “Well, whatever it is…it works like magic!”



Dear Miss Behave,

I can’t stand it when I’m on a business zoom call and the person I’m speaking with is busy chewing food, and yet still want to talk at the same time. How do I ask him to refrain from eating his lunch during our zoom meetings?

Fr:  Marissa

Dear Marissa,

This reminds me of once when I was explaining something important to my graphic designer over the phone when I heard the flushing sound of the toilet. Stunned, I just casually said, “erm…I guess this is not a good time,” to which he replied, “No, no, it’s perfect. I’m just sitting down and getting ready for business… Please carry on”.


Not surprisingly, someone who is clueless enough to do their private business or eat his lunch or any other inappropriate things while on the phone is unlikely to realise his or her behaviour is unprofessional. If you have tried the “This might not be a good time” approach and the person still keeps on chomping away, then just say, “You know, I’m a bit distracted. I’d rather wait until you are not eating.” At this point, he will have to decide if it’s worth putting off your call. Hopefully, he will choose you over his sandwich.



Dear Miss Behave,

I have always wondered the proper etiquette regarding lipstick stain on drinking glasses. I always get that whenever I’m drinking at parties. Is it proper to wipe it off or do I just leave it?

Fr: Talia

Dear Talia,

I know it’s an unpleasant sight, having lipstick marks on every glass you have ever put your lips onto. You can minimize this by:

  • Using a lip-primer before putting your lipstick on. This will help keep your lip colour on your lips and off your glass
  • Blotting your lipstick after applying it
  • Sipping gently on just 1 side of the glass

or…just use a straw.

But seriously girl… You are at a party! You should focus on having fun and being sociable and not doing maintenance on your glass after every sip! Don’t go through lengths to avoid something that is not such a cardinal sin. Just relax…and have another drink!