Unfair as it may be, we judge others and, in turn, we are judged on appearance. The good news is that this is one area of our lives where we can take the wheel and make significant changes that will positively impact our careers.

Our corporate graduate training programmes have assisted thousands of students from national and international companies to ease into the corporate world with confidence; providing them with a head start in their careers. They will learn practical skills that do not get taught at schools, colleges or varsities but are expected to pick up when you are in the corporate world. We bypassed the lengthy “learn-by-your-own” stage and compressed into a 2 day programme. Workshops are conducted on your premises or preferred location.

Workshop Highlights :

  • Explain how having a professional appearance can boost the chance for workplace success.
  • Understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate business attire.
  • Know the components of business dress for women and men.
  • Define “business casual” dress as the term applies to their workplace.
  • Distinguish crucial grooming considerations that are part of a professional presence.
  • Appreciate behaviours beyond clothing choices that contribute to a positive business image including body language, vocal tones, and personal habits