Your brand begins with your people.
Give them the knowledge they need to represent your organization the way you want it to be represented.

Building Employee Brand Ambassadors

  • Investing in Brand Training will pay off for your company in a number of ways: It will amplify the power and clarity of your message, enhance your brand perception and generate more loyal customers.
  • Those benefits will work to boost your business in the here and now, and strengthen your brand moving into the future.


Brand Ambassadors - Benefits to the Business

  • Support your brand and corporate image
  • Increase sales because ‘people buy people’
  • Create contented customers and clients
  • Give you a defined competitive edge


Workshop Highlights :

  • Understanding your brand story – what sets your brand apart
  • Your Corporate Brand vs. Your Personal Brand
  • Your role as a Brand Ambassador
  • How to live and breathe your brand personality

How to communicate your brand to the outside world

Personal Branding For Leaders

  • Many of our popular workshops can be provided as private coaching for your high-potential employees and executives.
  • Our one-on-one coaching programs are customized to meet each individual’s professional development objectives and help unlock his or her most confident, powerful self.
  • This private program is perfect for taking any employee’s professional, executive, or leadership presence to the next level.


Participants create and execute a Personal Blueprint for Success, which includes:

  • Learning the subtle communication, wardrobe, and grooming changes that can improve professional and personal effectiveness while maintaining individual style
  • Assessing his or her personal Social-Professional I.Q. by developing an awareness of the attitude, manners, and appropriate communication required for polished interactions with customers and co-workers
  • Designing a comprehensive Professional Image and Visibility Development Plan that addresses all opportunities for improvement (social grace, virtual presence, speech, body language, wardrobe, and grooming).

Dress Code in the Digital Age

As more and more companies are moving towards a more relaxed dress code in the office, we thought you might find it useful if we could share a few guidelines for you.
So, to kickstart this 2019, we have a beautifully designed 24 page ebook on Dress Code In The Digital Age just for you!!