Your brand begins with your people.
Give them the knowledge they need to represent your organization the way you want it to be represented.

Building Employee Brand Ambassadors

  • Investing in Brand Training will pay off for your company in a number of ways: It will amplify the power and clarity of your message, enhance your brand perception and generate more loyal customers.
  • Those benefits will work to boost your business in the here and now, and strengthen your brand moving into the future.


Brand Ambassadors - Benefits to the Business

  • Support your brand and corporate image
  • Increase sales because ‘people buy people’
  • Create contented customers and clients
  • Give you a defined competitive edge


Workshop Highlights :

  • Understanding your brand story – what sets your brand apart
  • Your Corporate Brand vs. Your Personal Brand
  • Your role as a Brand Ambassador
  • How to live and breathe your brand personality

How to communicate your brand to the outside world

Personal Branding For Leaders

  • Many of our popular workshops can be provided as private coaching for your high-potential employees and executives.
  • Our one-on-one coaching programs are customized to meet each individual’s professional development objectives and help unlock his or her most confident, powerful self.
  • This private program is perfect for taking any employee’s professional, executive, or leadership presence to the next level.


Participants create and execute a Personal Blueprint for Success, which includes:

  • Learning the subtle communication, wardrobe, and grooming changes that can improve professional and personal effectiveness while maintaining individual style
  • Assessing his or her personal Social-Professional I.Q. by developing an awareness of the attitude, manners, and appropriate communication required for polished interactions with customers and co-workers
  • Designing a comprehensive Professional Image and Visibility Development Plan that addresses all opportunities for improvement (social grace, virtual presence, speech, body language, wardrobe, and grooming).