We help your company:

  • Provide valuable training to help your employees project a professional image
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships and build new ones through improved customer experience and communication
  • Increase your staff’s self-confidence and motivate them to achieve more through personal development and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen your bottom line through improved productivity and high customer satisfaction
  • Develop an industry-appropriate dress code requirement
  • Design and implement a complete image package to ensure companies and their staff are consistently using the brand

Executive Presence :

Making Positive and Memorable Impressions

Professional poise is a powerful force in the corporate world. Your personal image is crucial to individual success and a necessity in competitive environments. Do you get the respect you deserve?

Objectives :

  1. This exciting workshop is aimed at optimizing the first impression. It grants participants immediate feedback about how they are perceived and arms them with the tools necessary for making a memorable and positive first impression in business affairs, personal relationships and casual everyday interactions.
  2. Participants will be empowered with the ability to understand and have command of the verbal and non-verbal messages that they send their employees, colleagues and customers.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Understand how people are receiving your verbal and nonverbal communication;
  2. Social-Professional I.Q. – strengthen your awareness of your attitude, manners, and gracious communication required for polished interactions with customers and co-workers;
  3. Develop a savvy, professional presence – learn how to shop and dress with the authority and taste consistent with the opportunities you desire!

Leadership Style Workshop:

Building Your Professional Wardrobe

The business battle is half won by LOOKING the PART! This workshop gives participants an opportunity to see how important our visual message is to our success. This engaging session focuses on the largest piece of visual image: Wardrobe.

Objectives :

  1. Your company’s dress guidelines – business formal, business casual, casual Friday – are all subject to interpretation.
  2. You will learn how to look the part, dress for success, visually function as a brand ambassador, and how to infuse a wardrobe with interest and personality.
  3. Designed for both male and female professionals, the program demonstrates appropriate dress that is customized to your corporate dress guideline

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Define “image” and determine why it is so critical to our success
  2. Learn how to effectively communicate your best attributes through clothing
  3. Clarify your company’s dress guidelines and demonstrate how to dress appropriately for your business environment
  4. Learn tips for enhancing one’s current wardrobe, including fit, proportion, tailoring, colour and accessories
  5. Focus on the DOs and DON’Ts of business dress as well as the appropriate fit for specific body types

Power Etiquette!

The Soft Skills of Business

Power Etiquette! gives you the tools you need to set yourself apart from your competition. You can powerfully project your sophistication and situational awareness. Know your responsibilities for entertaining clients and colleagues with social grace, to avoid etiquette faux pas.

Objectives :

  1. Workshop content covers table manners as well as the rules and nuances of business protocol.
  2. You will also engage in activities that build confidence and competence managing meetings and corporate networking functions.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Business and social introduction protocol;
  2. Preparation to work the room – small talk the smart way;
  3. Entertaining clients, prospects and colleagues – for business;
  4. Navigating meetings with difficult people.

Smart Wardrobing:

Dress for Success

Objectives :

  1. This informative, interactive session teaches the basics of how to dress for casual, business casual, and business professional work environments.
  2. You will learn tips for building a core wardrobe on a modest budget as well as Basic Grooming Do’s and DON’TS.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Participants gain an understanding of the importance of visual communication
  2. Each participant learns how to use proportions to create flattering silhouettes
  3. Guidelines for appropriate ensembles; how to utilize what you already own
  4. Tips for avoiding common wardrobe mistakes
  5. The virtual you – your professional image online and offline

Your Image & The Bottom Line

Objectives :

  1. Your Image & The Bottom Line is a coaching workshop designed for professionals whose job is to close sales or generate revenue.
  2. This session explains the connection between personal presence, visibility and business growth.
  3. You will learn how to leverage their presence and visibility to build the company’s bottom line.

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Importance of the first impression in business;
  2. How to use personal presence to market goods and services;
  3. Counting the cost of under-leveraged presence.
  4. Expert advice on workplace wardrobe, including fit, proportion, color and accessories
  5. Stylist’s Picks that keep your look current


Dress Code in the Digital Age

As more and more companies are moving towards a more relaxed dress code in the office, we thought you might find it useful if we could share a few guidelines for you.
So, to kickstart this 2019, we have a beautifully designed 24 page ebook on Dress Code In The Digital Age just for you!!