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Up Your Value!

UP YOUR VALUE is a book that transcends all shapes, sizes, and style senses! It doesn’t matter if you are pear shaped, or if you are plus sized, or if you think you have no dress sense at all, you will find practical tips and techniques, which you can put to use and see results immediately!
Throughout this book, each chapter will elaborate on how to UP YOUR VALUE through your behavior and your looks. The 7 chapters of this book will show you how to:
1.    UP YOUR VALUE in Approachability
2.    UP YOUR VALUE in Professionalism
3.    UP YOUR VALUE in Attractiveness
4.    UP YOUR VALUE in Being Dramatic
5.    UP YOUR VALUE in Authoritativeness
6.    UP YOUR VALUE in Elegance
7.    UP YOUR VALUE in Happiness

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The first of its kind, UP YOUR VALUE! is supported by loads of pictures as examples.

Your confidence will surge

You will become more successful in everything you do

Your wonderful personality will be expressed to the world

You will attract more personal and business opportunities into your life

You will be inspired to take on the world!

It’s a perfect gift for all your loved ones!