Let us show you how to perfect your personal brand by equipping you with the refined social graces, confidence, etiquette and protocol knowledge, and polished appearance necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals.

What Colour Is My Brain?

  • Do you know that our brain genetically processes the world around us via a fundamental patterns which different people have different pattern.
  • Colour brain defines this processes of how each person experiences their environment and interprets information, which results in specific ways of perceiving and evaluating events and situations.

Workshop Highlights :

  • Helps address and overcome issues that hinder personal and organisational effectiveness.
  • Able to help individual maximise capacity, tolerate and act intelligently
  • Minimise misunderstandings and conflict between individuals and group
  • Improves the effectiveness of your team’s, leadership, and personal productivity
  • Achieve greater competencencies across many disciplines.
  • Ability to understand others and unleash greater potential from relationships

Business Etiquette & Protocol

In today’s competitive global arena, knowing the rules of proper business etiquette and protocol is essential. Do your executives possess the polished soft skills and business etiquette knowledge to best represent your company in today’s global business arena?

Workshop Highlights:

  • Apply the key elements of Business Etiquette & Protocol & recognise
    Etiquette No-No’s
  • Maximising first & last Impressions
  • Attending business functions
  • Enhance the ability to remember names
  • Maximise the use of the business card
  • Make meaningful introductions
  • Initiate and conduct appropriate conversations
  • Apply practical tips to present a polished & professional look
  • Adapt to Cultural Diversity

Communicating with Tact

Using our special The Coloured Brain Tools, participants will learn to identify their own behavioral styles, the styles of their coworkers and clients, and how to adjust for better communication.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Unleash the Hero in You
  • Dealing with different type of coloured brain
  • Communicating with tact, poise and diplomacy
  • Adapting to different behavioral styles
  • Capitalize on personal style for more effective communication.
  • Why people think and act differently
  • Understand how to tolerate others and act intelligently
  • The impact of body language and vocal tones

Network Like A Pro!

Increasingly, we network by e-mail or through social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. That’s a godsend for shy people. But sometimes there really is no substitute for being there–like when you attend professional meetings, seminars and receptions, or parties in your community. For those occasions, knowing how to “work the room” can make the difference between a boring waste of time, and an exhilarating event that expands your business network!

 Workshop Highlights:

  • How to make a powerful entrance and work the room
  • How to introduce yourself and others with confidence
  • Handshakes – cultural nuances and sensitivities
  • Breaking Into an Existing Conversation
  • Breaking Free from a Conversation
  • Acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics
  • The protocol for exchanging business cards
    the importance of RSVPs, thank-you notes and follow-up after the event.

Executive Dining Skills

There’s more to dining etiquette than knowing which fork to use Knowing how to handle one’s self with poise in dining situations adds to an individual’s overall effectiveness when representing an organization at social and business events.

Workshop Highlights:

  • How To Be a Savvy Host and a Gracious Guest
  • How To Properly Extend an Invitation
  • Ordering with Confidence
  • Place Settings: Arranging & Understanding the Utensils
  • Handling the Unexpected Accident
  • The Corporate Toast: Giving & Receiving
  • Napkin Know-How
  • Gristle, Coughs, Sneezes & Other Awkward Moments

Datin Fazmi Amyza Abdul Sani (in short Datin FAAS) is a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), trainer and consultant that specializes and dedicated to the teaching of Leadership, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Corporate Training and other tailored training programs which are skills related to personal development. FAAS herself is an entrepreneur and expand her business in training and consultation since 2012 that focuses on the natural science of managing mental and emotional development, behavioral stimulation and mental thoughts, to improve communication, behavior and attitude that would lead to better person as well as strong team player.

The techniques and methods used in the teaching and training are adult oriented through experiential learning. A lot of emphases are focused on practical, true life problem solving and strategies used to improve one’s self and in helping others.

Workshops, trainings, teambuilding and consultation using proven techniques and strategies complement with Hypnosis and NLP are taught as a hands-on where participant gets to remove fears in within themselves to be use in various applications. Participants are ensured of a full commitment from FAAS training in all aspect of learning and information dissipation that includes theory, practice, role-play, games and simulations and supervision so as to ensure practical user ability.